PComp / First Arduino Program & Project

THE FIRST ASSIGNMENT : DIGITAL INPUT/OUTPUT I have to say that I was most excited about the Physical Computing class - not that I don't look forward to my other classes but I had high expectation from PComp :) - . After the first class as a person who used microcontrollers before I was in a way confident until I actually started to make this thing work :)

I had to understand so I played with it for a while. Tried to make a simple circuit and make the LED blink. I gotta say it wasn't that easy, it was my first time with a breadboard. All and all I managed to understand, explain it around and come up with a creative switch project.







Here is blinking light in action .

After that short test. I was ready to make my switch work.


The switch in action

I had the time of my life when I figured out how to make that switch go back and forth between two LEDs and to share the joy I played with the idea of W.C. lights in an airplane. When the DOOR is CLOSED the RED LED is ON when the DOOR is OPEN the GREEN LED turns ON. Pretty straight forward. I had some contact problems with my switch ends so that's why in the video below you can see the lights acting out a little funky but when door is in the right position it works perfectly. Enjoy.