Final Documentation

In addition to the last 3 posts, I'd like to share the physical computing final documentation video.

MyCubes is a playful project combining the interaction of human with object and interaction of objects with each other.

During the course I've made several different cube designs. I am hoping to execute the idea further using wood or acrylic materials in order to make the cubes heavy and reliable in terms of conductivity.

This video shows my working prototype documentation. The actual cubes will be coming soon.


PComp Final - Final Push

After staying on the floor until 4 am now I have 3 functioning cubes with 3 different colors. This is the end product for now. Eventually I want to be able to make it using acrylic. And it works!!!

To see how it works check the video.

- how it's made video is coming soon too :)

Final Idea, User test

I have managed to make some cardboard cubes and they ended up looking quite interesting. I created the vector images of the sides after playing with different shapes using paper. Paper is my favorite prototyping tool btw :) I laser cut cardboard pieces and glue gun them together in 2 interesting shape.

In this video Dollee is playing with them and trying to inter log them in different ways. This will help me to understand which way to go and to see possible different ways of inter log.

PComp Final Proposal

We talk about interaction day in and day out. How are we interacting with objects, with technology, with each other. How about the interaction of the objects with each other? I want to experiment with this idea. Us playing with object that would react to each other or that will allow you to build and see what it will do.

I am proposing a series of shapes that are placed on a conductive surface that would have different properties such as having a propeller, having a lamp, having a tone or a sensor. When you place the shapes on the surface they will be activated. Some of them won't be activated unless you stack them on top of a particular shape.

To give an idea here is a sketch of the idea.