So what is that monster called "PLAGIARISM" ?

I have to be honest. I am from Turkey. We don't have that much of a mature intellectual property laws ( no offense ) . Even if we have (out of my knowledge) I can tell you that there is no fine attached to it, or they are advertised but not executed ever so often. I grew up thinking that plagiarism is a fruit of developed intellectual property notion for cultures. Cultures where artists can actually legally make money from their pieces. No matter how well we try to protect our work, in the event of  free demand of intellectual property there will be some industry who feeds it.

Then I decided to study industrial product design and when you are trying to make money from the ideas that you're creating or products that you're designing piracy becomes a real issue because now there are big companies who are actually stealing your ideas and making profit on it. You don't even have an idea.

Plagiarism; the word is actually as hard to pronounce as to understand for me. A part of me who is creating, hopeful to be able to own the product for a long period of time without being stolen, thinks like I have to devote time to go and hunt for pirates. Another part of me wants to know a little bit more about the law side of it and how lawyers do argue the rights of a creation.

One thing that is interesting to me, one can argue that an art piece becomes an art piece when it's shared. In the life of sharing it will inspire bunch of people not necessarily audience that won't do anything with it but artists who will get an idea and go with it.  While the law is more clear for tangible objects which you have to apply for a patent or registration for the ownership, some form of intellectual property consisting of music, photography, writing is more prone to go through more complicated processes for the ownership.

One thing is for sure that anything that I will articulate in here won't be going further than the fact that there is too many questions to be answered and I am intrigued by the topic and want to learn a lot more.

So for now I will say that at least it's good to know that everything is automatically protected by copyright laws from the moment that they've been formed. Like the posts in this blog.


Hoping to know more in the topic.