Final Installation Idea - Combining the Van Gogh Palette

It's that time of the year again. It's time to come up with a concept to present as a final product. What I am thinking is a simple paint your portrait installation using video mapping and a MAX patch. The installation will use a processing sketch that mimics the brush strokes of Van Gogh. The image will be painted on a canvas and it is going to either be the portrait for the person looking at it or the body of the person that is getting inside the original painting.


Connected Update - Where we are now?

The Sculpting data Into Everyday Object project is wrapping up. We have presented our first test and models couple of weeks ago and now it's the last stretch to finish the 3d printing. The shape of the object is slightly changed but before talking about it here is the initial models of our wireless router that communicates the ratio of internet users versus the population of the countries.

Here are the pages of our presentation