Sculpting Data into Everyday Objects - Project Proposal

After scrapping everything that we worked on with different team mates we are proposing a router casing that would reflect the fraction of internet users over the population in different countries of the world.

The idea generated by the interesting data of world population versus internet users in each country. When you lay down the top 10 most populated country and the number of people that uses internet among them, there comes out an interesting picture. The internet user number in a country like India is much more higher than United Kingdom as a "number" but if you take the "percentage" calculation of the users on population, United Kingdom has the highest number of 84% but India comes in only to 5%. This data was attractive to us because it can signify something about the culture, the technology investment and maybe the wealth of the countries.

Taking it from there and going to the object we talked about objects that are needed or used to have access to the internet. I had an idea of using a computer mouse but Deqing came up with the router idea. It is needed and used for wireless connection and every one has one and it just sits there. You have to have it, you don't have to hold it or move it daily maybe never, it does it's duty, quietly as a part of the household. Some of us like to hide it behind furniture, some of us put it up high but it is almost always a eyesore with blinking lights. How about making the router an object of sculpture, an object of beauty more than it's regular shape. On that note we want to represent the internet user data as casing over the original casing. The population and the internet users number will reflect in the shape of the countries and taking it in 3D how high that country will be placed. In fact what will happen is higher population countries will peak higher than the other ones. To reinforce this idea here is the processing sketch.

The visual can be created with colors too. Here are some sketches how the object may look like at the end.

To take it further another way to go with this idea of inputting data on a surface, we can sculpt it in a way that it looks like this data is inhabiting the router. It can go around the router like a fungi attacking the router mimicking human populating the world. We can map how we will create the path of the growing fungi using another aspect of the data too. Here is a sketch to represent this.

We are very excited to further investigate this idea and come up with different shapes to represent the data over a wireless router.