Last weekend and today. What's different?

I have been feeling more and more overwhelmed passing each day. I thought that I was on top of everything at some point but now it seems like the amount of stuff that I have to do not really even out with the time that I have. Is it because I want to do a lot or because I am falling behind? It might be both. Into the 3rd week in ITP I feel like I have to spend even more time to understand the new topics in Computational Media & Physical Computing. Now I have a new class; Video & Sound which needs some time devoted too. Also our shop shifts have picked up too. All and all I feel that I have to do a lot but can't concentrate enough to one thing so I can complete it and put it behind. I feel consumed by the school. Every minute of every day!!

I have to be working on this, it's just the beginning of the third week and instead of being behind I'd like to be ahead so I can find some time to do creative work.

Now gotta go out and do a part of my Physical computing class assignment :) I am going to be walking around and taking notes of all of the analog outputs (sensors that we use in a daily basis) around. It's gonna be fun :)


For some reason I've been thinking that today is Thursday but actually I still have two days off to get my reading on and my playing on for the next week's homeworks. So far so good. I had my first Physical Computing class today. Micro controllers are going to be a challenge, we'll see how it's going to turn out. I better start to play with them as soon as possible :)