ICM Midterm Idea

So, It is that time of the semester. We have to present a midterm project idea and next week will be the presentation. I've been playing with this idea of a digital painting program. It started with making squares on the screen with a mouse click. The trick is the squares vary in size and color according to where you place them in the screen.

You can see it above. In this sketch it takes a long time to fill the screen and there isn't a lot of different size or color. It consist of 4 different type of squares.

My goal is to create a program to mimic brush strokes by putting an element each time you click on the screen. The stroke weight would be constant but the color will be changed according to where you place your mouse. Another thing that I want to add is to create clusters of brush strokes so each time you click you don't end up with just one stroke on the canvas but multiple of them clustering around your mouse cursor.

The end product that I am looking for is something like Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. You can see the strokes of different colors. I would like to be able to provide the same effect to the user.

This is my midterm idea, wish me luck on executing.