Imagine having your own painting done in front of you this time by a digital painter. VanGogh Palette is an interactive experience piece that is reminding the participants the process of impressionist and post-impressionist painters. You are cordially invited to sit in front of an easel and if you can keep steady the painter will start painting you brush stroke by brush storke, your own impressionist portrait come to life on the canvas. The piece is giving the participant the power of finishing the painting whenever they want. You can sit for a minute, or fifteen, your painting is all about how long you can sit.

A new slow approach to an artistic selfie or a reminder to the old time photography, the idea is to give the participants a magical experience of an art piece that is living and changing in front of them. 

Big Thanks to Dan Shiffman for the pixellation processing sketch example. 

Technology : Processing, Max Msp, ARduino.