TerraNova is a giant interactive game that the participants can play using their smart phones. It is specially designed for IAC's 120 Feet Video Wall in the course of 2,5 months. 

TerraNova is a world domination game. The world is divided in 3 different territories, participants are populating their own section by texting to a phone number on the screen. We wanted to utilize the size of the screen and the disruption of not being able to see the whole application by creating a little game that will allow participants populate only their own sections and try to kill the other populations. The end result was pretty fun and competitive. First territory to hit 100% of population automatically bombed and exploded the other population's land. According the percentage of the population each territory revealed buildings and cityscapes. Terra Nova ran twice interacting with more than 200 individuals and parching more than 300 individual texts under a minute. 

Technology: Processing, Java, After Effects Scripts, smartphone control is achieved by Twilio API. 

Project By Evan Emolo & Oya Kosebay. 

1/1 proportion of the screen

1/1 proportion of the screen

Video Representation of The Application